Tumadir Alihaly was born July 6th, 1976 in Al Baja, Sudan but raised in Saudi Arabia. She
began her high school career in Saudi Arabia. At the age of 16 she got married, and a year later
had her first child. At 18, Tumadir and her husband decided to move to Canada for their
children’s sake to provide them a better life and education. Upon arrival Tumadir enrolled into
high school which she successfully completed. In 2002 Tumadir graduated from the Dental
Assistant Program at Niagara College at the top of her class with the “Outstanding Strength of
Character, Integrity and Determination” award. In 2005 Tumadir moved to a job that aligned with
her desire to make a difference and help children. She did this through a program ‘Give kids a
smile’ which saw her travelling to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Prior to her
departure, Tumadir arranged a number of fundraising initiatives for the cause, which saw her
raising thousands of dollars which enabled her and a team of dentist to go overseas and
perform dental work on children who do not have access to or cannot afford dental health. This
experience fanned her desire to help the community with special focus on the youth. Tumadir
has organized workshops which have brought the youth with their parents to the community
centre to have a candid and educational talk about the issues of drugs, and alcohol and to
discuss ways that kids can seek help, and go into the right path to become successful in life.

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