Improving the well-being of women and their families

in society so they can reach their

full potential and progress

in their path to self-sufficiency.


Workshops are tailormade and offered upon request. For any inquiries please email: and allow 24 hours for a response. We look forward to serving you.

  • #RecognizeOwn&WalkInYOURMagnificence
  • Conversate

Group therapy for women where various topics of conversations are broached through activities such as cooking, dancing or hairdressing

  • Positive Black Masculinity and femininity

Group sessions on healing from the physiological effects of the trauma of racism. This is strictly upon request, facilitated by Dr Kitossa

  • Afro Fitness

A zumba equivalent using African rhythm and instruments. These sessions offer an opportunity to learn the story behind the music used. currently being held outdoors

  • Culture Center

Youth and adult space to explore the arts; music, acting, spoken word art, as ways of coping.

  • Intergenerational conversations

It takes a village. Our Aunty Rhoda program for conversations and mediation in order to support our youth through community elders.

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