Funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation

  • A project for Social and educational support of children and youth from single parent families in Niagara/Hamilton
  • SOFIFRAN has developed and is facilitating an emotional and social support project to help single parent families overcome parental stress
  • This project is bilingual


  • Children aged 6-12 coming from single parent homes
  • Single parent families in Niagara


  • Furnish the children with educational and social skills to help them develop good manners and change any anti social behavior for the positive
  • Organize focus groups with parents to meet their emotional needs
  • Collaborate with other organizations in the region to widen our sphere of activities and enable the participating families to access the services offered by the partner organizations


  • Our tools are taught through 5 modules of 20 workshops
  • The activities take place twice a month for a period of 10 months