The Green Room at TOES Niagara (Coming soon)

As women, we are often juggling a number of roles in our lives including working professional, spouse, mother, sister, friend. On top of our many roles, we might be facing situations that challenge us in one or more areas of our lives. Every woman deserves the space and time alone to recharge, gain perspective and access support. Here’s where The Green Room at TOES Niagara comes in!

The Green Room at TOES Niagara will serve as a safe space for any woman to access when they need a place to cry it out, catch their breath and/or collect their thoughts. The room will be a quiet and peaceful sanctuary that will be available to be booked through the TOES office by phone. The Green Room will offer a calm environment for women to reflect but also provides the opportunity to be connected to other resources and supports if needed. Note: All COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place including proper hygiene and sanitation between room bookings/appointments.