Leadership Team

Nyarayi Kapisavanhu Executive Director



Nyarayi is an outstanding multi-lingual communicator. She has an International Development background which gave her extensive work experience working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities using participatory approaches.

Nyarayi’s passion is providing training and education to enhance the economic and social status and the development of leadership skills of women, especially marginalized women, in order to improve their prospects. She is a strong believer in Education for Sustainable Development, which allows every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.  Nyarayi is heavily involved in the community and sits on many boards and committees, locally and internationally, in various capacities. Nyarayi is also the founder of the Advocating for Black Excellence Awards of Niagara (ABEAN).

Shauna Gayle Robinson
Administrative Assistant, TOES Niagara

Born in Jamaica, Shauna migrated to Canada where she now resides in St Catharines, ON. She is currently a fourth year student at Brock University where she is completing her Bachelor’s degree with a major in Sociology (Concentration in Criminology) and minor in Political Science. She is passionate about Black issues primarily the systematic discrimination that continues to affect marginalized groups. Shauna has also been passionate about advocating for racial equality for marginalized groups, and now has the honour of enacting positive changes through volunteering and working with organizations that provide services which assist in empowering marginalized communities. In her spare time, Shauna loves to travel, read and spending time with her family. Her aim after completing her undergrad is to purse a Masters in Sociology and would like to contribute to society by continuing to advocate for marginalized groups and demand justice against our current systems that further oppresses marginalized communities.


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