Being a woman is hard enough but being a woman in a world where your opinion doesn’t matter and your life is predetermined by others makes it even more difficult.  Learn how to overcome those obstacles and find the support you need through PIWOO.

PIWOO provides a forum for the discussion of public issues affecting women. Our first key strategy is to work to change laws and policies that negatively affect newcomers and work to reduce the negative impacts of these laws and policies by joining other provincial and national stakeholders in assessing the harms of the laws and by actively participating in public debates on issues affecting newcomers.

Our second strategy is to conduct more research with and by newcomer communities, coordinate networking , joint action and collaboration among organizations working with newcomers and across the social determinants of health for exchange of research findings and promising practices. Translate research findings into interventions.

Membership is open to women of diverse cultures and backgrounds who are interested in women’s issues, mentoring, networking, custodians of culture and who are torch bearers creating a flame worthy to pass on to the next generation.

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