Walid Al Hilaly is the CEO and Founder of Zoom Zoom, the region’s leading car booking service app that is based out of Niagara.

In 2012, he was studying Computer Science at Brock University and worked part-time as a pizza delivery driver. On weekends, numerous students from Brock would ask for short rides. As other taxi services were expensive, he began driving students from Brock to downtown on weekends. Walid identified a problem within the region when it came to transportation. As operations took off, a decision to build something big and meaningful had to be made. He sacrificed his degree to focus all efforts on building the company. Zoom grew out of their dispatch service and launched a mobile app in 2019. Today it is the leading technology platform for the region, operating in more than 8 cities.

Walid was raised in Niagara and, therefore, his mission was to simplify and improve the lives of people in the Niagara region and build an awesome organization that inspires. His profound passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and ride-share gave birth to Zoom Zoom. He is also striving to help the community at large by creating job opportunities in the region through his entrepreneurial endeavours. Walid is an avid dreamer and believes in pursuing dreams regardless of the costs.

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