MENTORSHIP ‘What they see is what they will be…

‘What they see is what they will be…’

Research through community engagement forums proves that there is a dire need to build up mentorship supports that are culturally focused and delivered through an anti-Black racism lens to improve outcomes for Black children and youth. Research indicates racialized youth are less likely to have natural mentors and are in greater need of formal mentoring programs (Jarjoura, 2013). It also notes a correlation between culturally focused mentoring and positive racial identity, and better academic, psychosocial and health outcomes for Black adolescents (Rivas-Drake, 2014). It is from this finding that the ‘Because …what they see is what they will be!’ Mentorship program has been developed. This is a regionally specific, culturally relevant and locally developed bilingual mentorship initiative geared for Black children and youth in targeted communities and open to everyone. The program will engage Black youth and their families and Black community leaders to mentor Black youth over a period of a time. 

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Funded by: Niagara Community Foundation in Partnership with The Niagara Catholic District School Board

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