Corinna Carson

Corinna Carson is the Project Administrator of the Niagara Immigrant Employment Council (NIEC) and its initiative, Niagara Immigrant Connections engaging local business in mentoring highly skilled Internationally Trained Professionals, and the former Project Coordinator of the Niagara Local Immigration Partnership (2009-12).   Corinna has been working with NIEC since 2007 and strives to promote the values of the organization to attract, retain and employ immigrants in Niagara.  Corinna moved to Niagara in 1992 with her husband and has three children born in Niagara who are now pursuing post-secondary education.  Corinna is passionate about local business recognizing the untapped pool of talent that immigrants bring and the subsequent contributions they will make to such a welcoming community in the creation of a more competitive, vibrant Niagara for the next generations.

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