About Us

About Us

We work with women from diverse communities and backgrounds, enabling, assisting and inspiring them to believe in their abilities, to flourish in both new and existing businesses, in employment, and to take a full and active part in their communities. We enable women to access the supports and facilities, experience and expertise that they need to succeed.

We are constantly campaigning and utilizing research to find new ways forward, to open doors and to close down discrimination. We want to ensure that women have a voice at the highest level, in business, community and political life, and we never stop working to create a fair and equal environment where women can truly aspire and achieve.

We will also work with governments, international organizations, policy makers and communities large and small, to promote women’s issues by:

  • Delivering knowledge – from both our own practice based work and the research of other leading experts in the field.
  • Changing perceptions – by raising awareness amongst decision makers about the scale of problems facing women in today’s economy
  • Influencing policy – by campaigning for women’s interests and advocating change at the highest levels

Our vision

Women’s destinies transformed through using our 6 pillars of tools of empowerment to become agents of positive change. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to all women from diverse communities through a broad range of services for all women to be empowered and enhance themselves personally, enhance their role in their own lives, in their local communities, in business, the work place and in the wider world.

Our values

  • We are accessible.
    We’re here for all women, whatever their story or background. We respect their individual needs and their aspirations. We are unwavering in our commitment.
  • We lead the way.
    Pioneering new ideas, resources, programs and connections that will make us more effective. We continually evaluate and improve our own practices, responding to women’s needs creatively.
  • We deliver results.
    Our success lies in the real, positive impact we have on women’s lives, whether we are nurturing new businesses towards a viable future, driving improvements in legislation and power structures, or contributing to social awareness.
    We are determined to have an effect on individual women, helping them recognize and fulfill their potential and facilitating the development of aspiration, of worth and of achievement.
  • We build relationships.
    Establishing trust and understanding between ourselves and the people we work with, promoting co-operation and support between women and men, and fostering collaborations from the grass roots through to boardrooms and government departments.
  • We are committed.
    Taking account of diversity by making our services inclusive and accessible to all sections of the community and creating an environment that respects and values all of our stakeholders. 

Our objectives

  • Empowering women who are newcomer immigrants to Canada through education, counseling and other support services, including language instruction, employment training, job search programs, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life
  • The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be thought fit, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, provision of assistance to find employment and the provision of managed work space and other services to support business start up and development.
  • To advance the education of women in areas that will enhance their economic potential in such ways as the organization believes fit including: the provision of programs of education and training; provision of career and travel costs to support access to the organization’s learning programs. Empowering women as agents of positive change, financially, socially and emotionally through tools given to them.
  • To act as a resource for women who have need of such assistance by reason of their poverty or social and economic circumstances, by providing advice, assistance, organizing programs and other activities as a means of ensuring that their conditions in life are improved.
  • The promotion of equality and diversity for everyone by advancing education and raising awareness in equality, and conducting or commissioning research on equality issues and publishing the results to the public.
  • Promoting the interest of women in all aspects of their daily life. The advancement of health and wellbeing through the provision of assistance, support, training, education, counseling and practical advice.

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