About Us

Empowering immigrant and racially marginalized women and their families, through multi-lens educational workshops, programs, and other support services to enable the improvement of economic and educational outcomes as well as inspiring them to believe in their abilities to enhance the roles in; their own lives, local communities, in business, and in the wider world using our Five Pillars of Empowerment. 
    • To act as a resource for women.
    • To promote equality, equity and diversity for everyone by advancing education and raising awareness on equality and equity issues and conducting or commissioning research on these issues.
    • To advocate for Black Communities.
    • To promote the interest of women in all aspects of daily life. 
    • To ensure women have a voice at the highest level within the business, community, and political sectors.
Pillars of Empowerment
1.      Economic Development
2.    Education for Sustainable Development
3.    Leadership Development
4.    Social Development
5.     Personal Development

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